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The Irish South African Association exists to facilitate social contact between Irish people, people of Irish descent and anyone who has any interest whatsoever in the Irish & in Ireland. All are welcome to join the Association & to attend our many functions held throughout the year. Our "Flagship Event" is of course our Annual St Patrick's Night Celebration held on Mar 17th each year. The Irish South African Association gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Dublin (www.dfa.ie) & the Embassy of Ireland, Pretoria (www.embassyireland.org.za)Join Now

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20/03/2018 22:07:38
The board of Cambridge Analytica has announced that it has suspended chief executive Alexander Nix with immediate effect over claims it gathered Facebook users' data without their permission.
20/03/2018 22:10:36
The Court of Appeal has overturned a High Court decision and found that the ESB has no liability for extensive flood damage to parts of University College Cork's campus in 2009.
20/03/2018 22:34:46
The Taoiseach has defended the establishment and operation of the Strategic Communications Unit and insisted it is not involved in his personal communications strategy.
20/03/2018 20:51:14
The European Court of Human Rights has rejected a request by Ireland to find that the so-called 'Hooded Men' detained by the UK suffered torture.

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