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The Irish South African Association exists to facilitate social contact between Irish people, people of Irish descent and anyone who has any interest whatsoever in the Irish & in Ireland. All are welcome to join the Association & to attend our many functions held throughout the year. Our "Flagship Event" is of course our Annual St Patrick's Night Celebration held on Mar 17th each year. The Irish South African Association gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Dublin (www.dfa.ie) & the Embassy of Ireland, Pretoria (www.embassyireland.org.za)Join Now

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23/04/2017 13:16:18
The Garda Commissioner has claimed she was not told by the former head of the force's press office Superintendent David Taylor that a press conference was taking place to mark the first anniversary of Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe's murder.
23/04/2017 12:33:43
Voting has begun in France in the first round of a presidential election that is crucial to the future of Europe and a closely-watched test of voters' anger with the political establishment.
23/04/2017 13:15:08
The Citizens Assembly has reconvened to add final details to its recommendation to legislators that they should be authorised by the electorate to regulate for the provision of abortion in Ireland.
23/04/2017 12:21:58
A father and son who died in a fire in Sligo town yesterday have been named locally as Sonny and Sean Harte.

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Pilgrimage to our Lady's Shrine in Knock August 2017
Pilgrimage to our Lady's Shrine in Knock August 2017
Date: 12-Aug-2017

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