About ISAA

The Irish South African association purpose is; To promote Irish culture in all its forms, including sport literature, theatre, dance and music. And to act as a forum and contact point for all things Irish.
The ISAA was founded in Cape Town in 2001. Most of the functions took place in or around the Mother City. Organically the organisation grew throughout the country and in November 2008 a Gauteng Chapter of the ISAA was started. A Kwa-Zulu chapter is underway. Each chapter acts with  full autonomy and shall operate independently of any other chapter or chapters; provided that such chapter shall at all times be bound by the provisions of the  Constitution.

Although we share the website, events are planned locally. So please check your events calendar for your chapters.

Throughout the year ISAA have various social and sporting events to promote Irish Culture and caoil  Our flag ship event is of course St Patrick's Day 17th March the patron saint of Ireland which is celebrated throughout the world and South Africa is no exception.  Check the website for details.

Should you have any questions or queries regarding the Association or if you would like to take a active role . please do not hesitate to contact us.