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Gaelic Football being hosted at the Brazen Head Fourways

The final two rounds of football qualifier draws took place this morning.

Commencing at 8:30, the Round Three draw included the eight Round Two winners, namely Galway, Tyrone, Laois, Derry, Kildare, Armagh, Wexford and Cavan.

All eight names were placed in Bowl A for the draw and the first teams out has home advantage for the games, which will be played this Saturday, July 20th.

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Inside Ireland

Dear Friends,
Dublin 16, IRELAND.
We are suddenly enjoying the most fantastic heat-wave as I write! This is wonderful as everyone’s spirits lift, and people are full of smiles and tolerance and friendliness and even if we are still suffering from a dire economic state, higher taxes and more cuts in services, somehow the beaches and lakes and mountains are free and everyone who can manage to do so is out and about: All the merchants selling ice-cream and picnic and beach equipment are delighted and all the “special offers” getting rid of sun tan lotion have been swiftly withdrawn from our local pharmacy! The end of June saw the end of our six-month Presidency of the European Union which other members of the EU seem to enjoy when they come here....and some important Budget decisions (relevant to the next few years of the EU) were reached under this Presidency.

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Ireland Reaching Out

Welcome to our latest newsletter featuring highlights of this month's news on Ireland XO!

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This week on IRISHTV

You could say the theme of this week's programme is 'wild geese'! This week IRISHTV travels to Inishturk Island over two busy weekends for the islanders.

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This week on IRISHTV

We have a very diverse show for us this week on Sky 191/Freesat 400. Edel heads back in time with a visit to the Hollymount Vintage Day, where she finds out all about the hobby of restoration, why the 'Ferguson 20' holds a special place in people's hearts, and she even tries her hand at driving a steam engine!

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